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The Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by the story of a king who prepared a great wedding feast for his Son. When the banquet was ready, he sent his servants to notify those who were invited. But they all refused to come ! ...   Jesus, in Matthew 22: 1-3


In these troubled Days, God wants to get the World's Attention.




Life is a precious, yet often wasted gift.

Even if sometimes, adversity makes us perceive our life as an ordeal, we are probably grateful for it and we remain expectant of the good things it will bring. Life is the vehicle that allows us to explore the world in which we were born and to build the character that will clothe our identity.

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This identity has its source in God. It will extend well beyond the years that we can count on earth, for time is a very random notion and it is linked to this earthly existence. But if life was a car, it would be delivered with its owner's manual describing the design of the vehicle, its various elements, giving sound advice on how to drive it and advising maintenance to be made at regular intervals to keep it in excellent condition. You may have bought a used car that came without an owner's manual. Soon, a warning lit up on the dashboard, leaving you puzzled. A call to a friend more knowledgeable in mechanics will have reassured you: “These warnings usually pop on from a certain mileage. It's probably the measuring probe that is worn out and should be replaced. You may just as well ignore it”. I remember my first Subaru, a wrecked vehicle that I had refurbished. As you probably know, these are four-wheel drive vehicles designed to get out of most situations. Still, I got stuck on a sloped road due to an unexpected patch of ice. One wheel was spinning and the car could not move. There are some laborious solutions to get out of such an situation. One day though, I wondered about the function of a button that stood slightly hidden under the dashboard. By consulting the driver's manual – finally! – I discovered that my car was equipped with a differential lock control. The function that would have helped me out of that awkward situation had been implemented by the car manufacturer. Still, I had to know it and switch it manually as needed.

All cultures combined, the tradition of the elders corresponds to these approximate guesses on effects and their causes, and the more or less relevant interpretations we make of the things that affect us. Some of the findings have been written by the wises in books, and these books have served to the development of religions. All this – an oral tradition at the beginning, which was adapted to the particular customs and tinged with tales and legends of the ancient peoples – whose the nebulous theories of the New Age are a resurgence brought up to date –, should explain why peoples who, in the opinion of the scientists have all a common origin, may have very different views about God and about life in general, to the point that words convey sometimes opposite concepts, and that these people can not understand each other and live in harmony. Our prominent political and religious figures are aware of the problem and have been working for a long time–in fact since the days of Babel–, on the development of a revised “owner's manual” which at some point might serve to sustain a global ecumenism. But will this adaptation expunged from the litigious points, provide the solution to our problems? ...

Should we speak of a “Christian religion”?

Millennia of religion have built an enormous database of information, but the general observation is that the world has not changed much. Even in our so called Christian nations, balances are still founded on power rather than in equity, and therefore, social peace remains precarious. The hope for a better tomorrow could nonetheless be found in a man. …

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The political and religious worlds of today seem to merge in a common endeavour aimed at preparing the way for a charismatic leader – a strong man who will handle our crises with persuasiveness and efficiency. Like a straw fire, this man will rise, says the Bible, but he will be reduced to nothing. Men have never done well with dictators once they realized that they had been deceived. But think about this: maybe this leader has already come and we didn't know him because his leadership style was not what we were used to? Jesus said that knowledge is not enough, but his teaching must be put into practice so we can note that it works. However, many people imagine that Jesus simply brought a new religion, and this is understandable when one sees what was made of his teaching. But is this really what Jesus wanted for us to keep from his message? When one reads through the Gospels, one realizes that Jesus is continually confronting religion. Not in vain attempts to reform religion – Jesus did not even consider reforming religion as something worthwhile. But he rebuked the priests by compassion for those who were to remain in the darkness, because religion had eclipsed God. Jesus goes so far as to accuse the religious of building the mausoleums of those whom their fathers killed, thereby acknowledging that they are the sons of the murderers of the prophets. We could go on further : Who killed the Son of God if not religion ? The death on the cross, Jesus had accepted it before he took flesh. This punishment suffered in our place was at the heart of his mission on earth. By confronting the world and its religion to their powerlessness, to the point that we had to get rid of him so that our religion and our governments could preserve a semblance of legitimacy, Jesus has indelibly demonstrated that religion is pernicious by the use men make of it. Whenever it came to suppressing the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth, the political world and religion always got hand in hand. The demonstration was made after they thought they had submitted Jesus.


What follows will make some cringe, but it is better to ask oneself the right questions now, so as not to have to suffer regrets in eternity : Why, within what constitutes its most visible form today, has religion replaced the Messiah with a woman whose worship precedes by several millennia the birth of the mother of Jesus? Truly, Mary must have her heart pierced. This imposture is indicative of what religion is and who is actually hiding under a Christian sheepskin. But at this level, the other denominations are not to be outdone, since each has raised to the position of god, who their dogma who their seers. Jesus said to the religious leaders of his time : “You nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. And you do many things like that”. Jesus rebuked the priests for having made of religion an institution which allowed them to live at the expense of the poor, without however helping them, or when they did it was in a purely abstract manner or else humanitarian and it's only a good start. He told the rabbis that they were closing the door to knowledge for the people and that they themselves did not enter. Religion has hardly evolved since the time of Jesus, simply because it cannot. Religious people administer an institution like others get involved in politics or theater, but this institution is not the Life of God. Paul tells Timothy that many men have adhered to an outward form of piety, while they keep denying what makes its strength. All this happened because we separated faith from compassion to see God on a purely moral level. The disciples healed all the sick, in accordance with what Christ had taught them. These healings were the sign established by God to demonstrate that the Kingdom of Jesus was ready to appear, and in fact, that it stood at the door. But when I hear that almost a thousand Italians have died from Coronavirus in only a day, it makes me sad, and it makes me angry. They died because they abandoned their fate to other men: the Pope, their tutelary gods, or their medical care.


For more than two thousand years now, the Kingdom of God has been in our midst, but we fought it and in our churches! If we have become incompetent theorists, it is because we have left to the theologians all latitude for a schism to operate between the heart of man and the expression of his convictions. This schism is what we call : religious culture, or dogma, precepts, philosophy or sophistry. Jesus called this double mindedness : hypocrisy, or when one abandons the function to enter a role. And this explains why, today, the Gospel has given way to a moral message. Morality is very arbitrary and partisan, and leads to wars of religion. By defending their moral values or dogma, the Jews unwittingly crucified their Messiah. Let's not talk about the fratricidal wars between Catholics and Protestants. This moral conception of good and evil suits Satan perfectly, since he rules through division. But the outcome of the Golgotha ​​cross was an unforeseen one for him and it represented a bitter setback, since the dragon found himself nailed to the earth by the instrument of death which he intended for his adversary. As for Christ, he is risen and he stands in heaven with God, from whom he received all power on earth and in heaven! This is why, in the Apostles' time, the Gospel was considered as a power (dunamis) provided by the Holy Spirit for the concrete liberation of anyone who received the message of the Gospel. Liberation from all subjugation, whether to a religion or to a caste, from any moral debt towards tutelary spirits, liberation from guilt resulting from the non respect of the prescriptions of the law, and even from sin in its generic form. The integrity of our physical body and our soul was also found in the wake of this spiritual renewal. On a moral or religious level, Jesus summed up his demands in these words: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself”. From the application of these two commandments should flow everything related to the conduct of our life, and a return to the law is now considered a retrograde attitude, since it places the believer under the jurisdiction of fallen power. And to show that the Law of Love is not a cheap law: “If anyone wants you to go one mile, go with them two miles” added Jesus. Jesus did not preach a dogma, but he demonstrated a reality. He knew what he was talking about since his spirit was with God before it took human form. God was not a stranger to him like he still is to us before Jesus makes him known to us. But when he dared to claim that he was in communion with God, the religious accused him of being a liar and of having a demon, despite all the miracles which demonstrated his proximity to God. Have things changed since the time of Jesus?


Nowadays, many are tired of having to undergo a political policy that is only concerned with itself. If religion had not existed for itself, it would have seen in Jesus, not the dissident which it had to crush, but the King who personified its fulfilment ! How can one come to lose sight to such extent of the true meaning of things? For, later, the apostles affirmed that religion, the laws and the various beliefs, were the shadows of the things that were to come but that the reality is in a man – a human without distinction of gender reconciled with God and with itself, prefigured by Christ. “Khristos” is a Greek word that is equivalent to the Hebrew “melekh mashiach”, which means “King Liberator”. This word encompasses the dimension of a new and universal life that the Messiah will communicate to all who want to walk with him, a life which will enable them to be restored to their true identity of “adam”, a humanity meant to wear the face of God. This identity has been lost over the generations because of what we call “sin,” a word in which we often see excesses and moral conflicts, but in reality means: to miss the target, to pass by the meaning of ones life. Sin, is living for a world whose priorities are skewed, and failing to recognize that it is led by the one whom Jesus calls “the Prince of this world of darkness". Sin is when we don't do all that is in our power to join those whom Christ has redeemed from their vain way of life, and who are called to be his ecclesia, his governing council here on earth. It is a journey that is sometimes difficult, since we are by our human nature, talented imitators of our fathers. That's why we will need to pass through a conversion, when we allow God to change our mentality by transforming us from within, right into our most profound being. Jesus does not encase us in moral or religious values, but he puts in us a new spirit  – he replaces our spiritual DNA. What is impossible on a human level then becomes workable. Because, if God lives in us and makes us whole, then nothing should be impossible. This glorious perspective that God has reserved for men is precisely what religion fights against, and what led it to crucify Jesus and to persecute the believers. Men who justify themselves through religion do not want to live from God's love, but they are driven by the pride of life. They receive their reward, said Jesus. But those who in this life share in the sufferings of Christ, will part take in his glorious resurrection.

Why is the door that gives access to the Kingdom of Jesus so narrow and why is its path difficult to find ?

Matthew 7

The truth rarely matches the ideas of the great number. A man of God recounts that while he was still young, he had a vision and this experience changed his way of considering the world. Before his eyes was moving forward a great crowd formed of all the peoples of the earth. Each displayed its peculiarities. People were beautiful and they were proud of their culture.

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Some were carried by a great ideal or a utopia, while others progressed under the banner of a political movement, of their religion or even of a desire to reform their religion. The crowd was compact and each individual progressed, carried by his activities and unable to distinguish the final destination towards which all went. But at a certain point, this eclectic and motley crowd reached the edge of an awful precipice from which smoke, flames of fire and cries of agony rose. Finding themselves trapped into a reality where their peculiarities and their certainties were of no help, people became brutally aware of something they had eluded during their life. Some turned back ... but the inexorable progression of a blind crowd precipitated them into a tragic end, which was certainly not what they had expected. The Spirit of God then said to this young man : “The consequence of sin is death. You have seen it and I will hold you henceforth responsible for all lives lost among those whom you will have met and whom you will not have warned”. The tragedy today, is that, comforted by their number, many people navigate in an artistic vagueness and think : “Let's just wait and see what will happen in the end”. While God has made it very clear about what we should expect and what will be the outcome of the events of our lives.

“For I tell you that your goodness must be a far better thing then the goodness of the scribes and Pharisees before you can set foot in the kingdom of Heaven at all !” Matthew 5. Just as a mere philosophy, the sugary religion leads to spiritual decay and to death. The superficial certainties that are conveyed constitute the spacious path that Jesus mentions. This wide path actually misleads many more people than proper Satanism does. God is not met in the churches on Sundays, but he is actually wherever someone searches for him very sincerely. Gathering beliefs and enriching oneself with a tradition is like hiding our nakedness behind fig leaves. God does not want his people to be like caddisflies. Authenticity is not in the building of a religious identity that allows us to blend into the landscape so that God shall not see us. But on the contrary, it consists of putting on a “Teflon spirit", a spirit of truth, freed from the influences of the world, willing to take on its responsibilities and to struggle with God while being nourished with his Word and thus able to understand the nature of the conflict in which our earthly life commits us. This Spirit is communicated by Christ to those who love him and who put in practice his teaching. True Christian life is a fight against inertia and personal inclination, until we reach that place where we love God and love one another with a heart made whole, and not superficially. Then we will see the promise of Jesus fulfilled : “Whatever you ask in faith in my name, believe that you have received it, and you will see it come to pass.” To enter into eternal life means to reach this Victory over selfcenterdness, after having followed the path that Christ opened when he died for us on a cross. Why is it so important? Simply because a loving altruism is heavenly mentality! Would you like to spend eternity in a place where the beings would be so different from you that you would feel very uncomfortable? You would rather run away, and that is how we will decide by ourselves of our eternal destiny. There is no purgatory where we can be transformed by efforts or through suffering after our death. “If a tree falls toward the south or toward the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie”, says the Bible.

If you become born again, you will see the Kingdom of God !

John 3

It's with these words that Jesus announced the Good News to Nicodemus – a Pharisee who, although he was a good man considered eminently educated in the principles of his religion, could not understand what this salvation announced by Jesus was about. “No one can enter the Kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit", Jesus said to him again. The water of the flood once swept away all flesh from the ancient world, but soon the dove of the Spirit brought back an olive branch.

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Jesus is that sprout from the olive tree of the patriarchs according to the flesh, and the Son of God in regard to the Spirit. “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit", he said. Jesus truly offers us a new life – a life that springs from God and makes us his children. “For henceforth the kingdom of Heaven is within you” (inside you). “Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God”. The step that changes everything is baptism. Not the baptism of religion which some see as the purification from the filth of the world, nor that which is considered as a rite of passage to enter a particular church, but the baptism of death to oneself but the baptism of death to oneself because this is the result of an immersion. The best illustration of the baptism that I can think of is this child, standing on a table, to which his papa stretches his arms. The child thinks that if he throws himself into the void, his dad will catch him in flight. But there is still a struggle inside of himself. Nicodemus wanted to enter the spiritual dimension which was attached to his faith. But it was difficult for him to die to his security– his intellectual riches, his position within the religious fraternity, his quiet life regulated like a Swiss clock–, to plunge headlong into the unknown. To move from the world of a mental knowledge of the things of God to one where we are led by the Spirit requires a letting go and a step towards what will seem unreasonable. Peter illustrated it so well when he got out of the boat to set foot on the deep waters, something that as everyone knows cannot be accomplished naturally. As unreasonable as it may seem, this faith approach is not optional. Jesus said: “He who does not stand with me is against me”. Dying to this world may seem an insurmountable challenge, but in reality, nothing in this world deserves that we deprive ourselves of an immersion in the love of our Heavenly Father.

He sent them his Word and he healed them.

Psalm 107: 20

“Why did God allow this to happen?” Who do you think, puts that question in our mind? Who is the one who kills and who then has the audacity to insinuate that God did it or that he had so decided? Who doesn't want us to take authority over our circumstances? ...

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“If you had been there, my brother Lazarus would not have died,” reproached Mary to Jesus. “Mary, I was there in spirit when he died. But now rest assured : Even when your brother is dead, he will live.” “I know that he will be resurrected on the last day, sagely resumed Martha, his other sister ...” “But it is in this life that we needed help, and we would have loved that Lazarus could accompany us longer” thought probably Mary. “I am the resurrection and the life, and I am with you. Now look! ” Jesus called the three-day-old dead man, who appeared hopping out of the tomb, for he was still tied up. “Believe in me,” said Jesus. “I will go now to my Father and we will send you the Holy Spirit who will be with you until the end of this world. Soon millions like you will be made able to do the acts that you have seen me do. And you will make greater ! For if you join forces, imagine what you could order in my name !” Later, Jesus breathed on his disciples and he said to them : “Now go with this good news: Speak to the mountains that stand in your way. Calm the hurricanes. Make wither from the root all that does not produce good fruit. Cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. Announce the reign of your God. What you allow to happen on earth will happen. And what won't allow to happen, won't happen. Matt 18: 18-19. I make you masters of the circumstances, work while the day lasts ! Stop behaving like frightened children and act as to glorify the Spirit of your Father who is in you. Do you think all these people who die in disasters are greater sinners than you are? Oh no, I tell you. But if you do not change your mindset, you will end up like them : despoiled, crushed and wiped out by the spirits of evil. I triumphed over them at the cross. All of you who receive my Spirit, you are now my race and my heirs. So don't let them dominate on you anymore, but help those who suffer under their oppression to take back the life they were stolen.”

“If you only knew the free gift of God and who it is that is asking you for water ...” said Jesus to the Samaritan woman. “Salvation comes from the Jews” he said also. Saying that, Jesus thought less about the Jewish religion, the temple, the law and the priests, than about the incredible destiny of what at the beginning was not a people, which now was allowing him – he the Son of God –, to stand by the well, without any means for drawing water and forced to rely on a stranger and a woman, while he was the Messiah – the one who was supposed to fill the earth with the knowledge of God “as water covers the bottom of the sea". From his birth until his resurrection, this quite unique way that Jesus had to take part in the lives of people : the righteous as well as the outcast, the poor in spirit, the blind who do not see the plan of God for their lives and the deaf who do not hear his calls, the crippled of life, the relational lepers, the left out of love, those who could have been reproached all kinds of things and who finally represent us, and then to invite them to participate with him in the advent of a new world, – as if God depended on us, imperfect men, to finalize the work of his creation – amazed people and answered a deep aspiration, pre-existent in the heart of many. Today, the invitation remains, and to accept it opens us the door on the most formidable adventure that we can live here on earth.




Falling PlatesFour minutes to understand.

A multilingual video to share.
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Video sharing websites are a great tool for the sharing of faith and knowledge. But they also serve to spread wrong concepts and unsavoury content. It is possible to activate a content filter and to block disturbing ads.



Showing a false image of the Christian reality will definitively distance millions of people from what could have transformed their lives, and the devil knows how to exploit our naivety. Sticking to traditional values ​​that are dead, or otherwise, fostering an undiscerning atmosphere of sentimental exaltation, or simulating, or intellectualizing, or even using religion to settle accounts with society, are signs of diverted spirituality. Because of what it represents, the Christian faith has been hijacked in all possible manners. We have turned into a celebration or in vain ranting when not in a religious parody, what God had originally intended as an opportunity to reach others with His compassion. We no longer know which saint to devote to, but fortunately Jesus remains the same. “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16. I wanted to link some messages, probably imperfect since we all are, but which brought me something. I am sad to say that I had to remove some links when I became aware of this deception that the theology of the New Apostolic Reformation represents, which now prevails in an important part of the evangelical world. Some of the preachers mentioned in the links may be affiliated to the NAR in one way or another. We have seen it throughout the history of the church : when the devil can no longer hold back the advancement of the Kingdom of God, he will encourage the development of a parallel movement in which he will introduce a fermenting agent. Jesus spoke of the “yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees”, which is hypocrisy. But the devil can introduce other ferments, or spiritual genes, by which he strives to distort our doctrine and our faith, so that our faith is rendered null, or so that it raises him in place of his rival : Christ. The Bible teaches that the person who has the Spirit must judge of everything. Let's keep in mind, through our quests, that faith should remain a simple and very natural thing. By simple, I mean that feelings should not overwhelm us. Some preachers harangue the crowds, but the effects of persuasion do not last. Others want to multiply the doctrines and make us captive of them. God is not a sorcerer to “sermonize” us, any more than He is a demagogue and a brainwasher. He is not an energy or an impersonal atmosphere, a method, or a discipline. God is not an anointing of liquid love that would get hold of us, making us laugh for no reason and roll on the floor, even if laughter can be liberating when it is genuine. But he is a Spirit of wisdom, of might, of love and self-discipline. He gives us discernment and a sound mind. Jesus is the Truth in all its simplicity, this that goes straight to our hearts. His voice sounds like gentle whispers, but it has the power to free us by producing a deep conviction. His words are the “unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” which gives us the power to change. And by natural, I mean self-determined. Jesus wants to make us a people of kings and self-determination is what characterizes kingship. The real function of a king is not to take advantage of his people, but it is to serve it by protecting the weak and helping the needy. Nowadays, as many seek self growth and development, let's remember that, although he existed in the form of God, Jesus stripped himself of all his prerogatives to become a servant. He obeyed God to the extent that he offered his life as a ransom for us all. Now, the heart of the Gospel is that the same Spirit that animated Jesus also comes to dwell in us. Jesus suggests that we increase in the gifts he communicates to us, in order to put them at the service of others.




God draws near to Those who praise Him with Sincerity, and He dwells in the Praise of those who Love Him.

Life-transforming praise is not an emotion of the soul, but it is a spiritual commitment.

To worship means to show the highest form of respect. This includes confessing sin, willingness to renew the covenant, praise for extraordinary deeds and character. The purpose of worship is to be transformed into the nature of Him who we worship. 2 Cor 3:17

From people from my generation, many have been indwelled by the dedicated songs of Keith and Melody Green.

Here is one of Keith's quotes: “The only music minister to whom the Lord will say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant,” is the one whose life proves what their lyrics are saying, and to whom music is the least important part of their life. Glorifying the only worthy One has to be a minister's most important goal!”


    A favourite play-list. Timeless and profound.


Great artists by themselves and awesome when they teamed. Michael W Smith and Amy Grant' scripture based songs have their way in the hearts of many.

Fernando Ortega. Hymns revived, and his own Beautiful Songs and Music. Healing for Soul and Spirit.

Songs and an interview.

Above all else, protect and guard your heart. For your heart is the spring of your life. Prov. 4

The idea of being buried one day was unbearable to a little girl and she wanted to go to heaven like Elijah. Her songs later soothed a young man's aching heart and they are still a blessing today. Chi Coltrane does not promote herself as a Gospel singer, but her work carries a sense of true holiness which is awe for anyone's integrity. And that's what Christian culture should convey: As Children of the Most High, we live in a world that men have sold to sin, but where we stand as Children of Light.

Gentle Whispers

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.” said Jesus.

In Each of us hides a Child that needs to be Reassured.






The essential

“In the world of men, each question brings up more questions. In the world of God, each question finds its answer and every problem that arises has its solution, prepared from even before the foundation of the world.”

“The beginning of wisdom is when we eventually believe all that we read in the Bible, and not just what we allow ourselves to believe.”

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”  Luke 24

People who have found God have one thing in common: They have overcome their prejudices, to seek God in and with all their heart. God meets people who like him, are passionate.

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. “I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.” Jeremiah 29:12-13

Since “God so loved the world that he sent his one true Son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”, for “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”, it is obvious that God loves and understands all human beings much better than we could, and that he has a plan for their rescue. Jesus is invisible to the eyes, but we who believe have become the body of Christ – his arms, his heart, his voice – here on Earth.

Rather than beg God to accede to our piecemeal requests, even if there is nothing wrong with that, let's understand that God has a plan, and that by collaborating with our Heavenly Father by praying and declaring the new realities, we will contribute to “His will being done on Earth as in Heaven”. An attitude in accordance with his Word will earn us the full attention of “the angels, those ministering spirits sent out to serve (accompany, protect) those who are about to be saved”. Hebrews 1:14, Psalm 103:20





Receiving the Spirit of Jesus, also named the Holy Spirit, is the greatest gift that we can receive from God. When we submit our life to God and receive salvation, it is not to remain in passiveness. On the contrary, his Spirit will indwell us and start renewing our mind. He will lead us in all the truth. He will give us a powerful prayer life. He will even give us new prayer languages to help us in the weakness of our flesh. We can experience drought, but the stream of God remains full of water. Speaking in those spiritual languages will build us up. It is the key to gaining spiritual power and dominion over sickness and on any of the devil's means of oppression – if you wondered why so many “christians” fight this gift from the pulpit, now you know. It taps into the supernatural of God. It starts in a babble and turns into a roaring when needed. It is a language of love and intimacy with God, and a weapon of mass destruction against the forces of evil. All of God's people who are mighty at front use it extensively in their private life.

John Bevere – Different purposes of speaking in tongues.





• Al DIAZ – His very moving testimony. Al died during a surgery, then he went to heaven and met Jesus.

Dr Mary NEAL's amazing story.

She drowned and resuscitated.


• Krissy NELSON – From loneliness to Adoption

There is more than one way to drown in life. This courageous lady with a childlike heart tells how she found her own path to her Father's arms.

He says, the stories of people who’ve come back will change how you see life forever!

John BURKE – studied nearly 1,000 near-death experiences.

– Imagine Heaven, with John Burke
– Another interview, with Sid Roth

• Jim WOODFORD – He died. Look What He Saw in Heaven !

• Laurie DITTO – I Found Myself in Hell. The Reason Why Will Surprise You.

• Işık ABLA – I was a suicide bomber Candidate, but I met Jesus and went from Hell to Love ! – Listen to what this lady has received.

I'm About to End My Life, and…

Tracy Leigh was a young girl when she was exposed to pornography and abused. The surrounding she grew up in brought a craving for sin. She eventually wanted to take her life. But then, a knock on the door…

Are you haunted by the thought of ending your life?

Tamara LAROUX – Testimony. What she thought would put an end to her pain propulsed her in absolute horror. She suddenly became pain, she became fear, she became death… But as she fell down in the pit, God extended his hand to her.

The Tamara Laroux's Story – How children can pick up wrong feelings about themselves when their parents don't love each other as they should.

How God taught Becky DVORAK about the spirit of death and how to defeat it.

Rare diseases, accidents, premature deaths and all kinds of mayhem are often the signs of the presence of a spirit of death. We can conquer it.

Betty DVORAK – What if you could defeat sickness by prophesying words of healing?



why has god set rules for our sexuality?

God loves the homosexuals, the same way he loves the heterosexuals. Jesus never rebuked anyone for the motive that he or she was a sinner. The simple reason for that is that we were all sinners, even more those who considered themselves righteous ! But Jesus said of himself that he was the God of Abraham, and therefore the requirements he placed on us were no different than what the Scriptures had always said. What Jesus has renewed is the motivation and the spirit in which we serve God, now based on the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. But that doesn't mean that God is endorsing all sexual behaviours, whether in a straight sex or same sex context. Assuming that we would not all be equal, some want to change the rules to allow those who feel different to express their embarrassing desires with legitimacy. Feeling different can indeed represent great suffering, and this should not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone should have the right to love, and the right to be loved, in peace and with a good conscience. But rather than offering an oxygen mask to those who suffocate, shouldn't we rather make the air breathable for all? …

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Why do we see a collapse of the commitment of marriage and a disruption of the bisexual understanding of relationships? My answer might surprise you : It is because we have lost sight of the model of which marriage is a representation. Marriage has always been, by design, an earthly symbol reserved to the human race, representing our celestial union with our great immortal love which is our God. In this process, the distance set between the missing parts, which see each other but, because of their differences, find sometimes difficult to come together and be reshaped in order to cling with one another, becomes the catalyst for great transformations – this thought should console the waiting souls. When God says: “This is why Ish will leave father and mother to cling to Isha as to become one flesh”, this réality can be transposed to the world in which we have taken shape, and from which we will have to wean ourselves at a certain time in order to marry the nature of Christ. Take away the guiding paradigm and the expression will take all imaginable forms. Why should we be faithful to a unique partner for whom we would be made, if ultimately we were just evolved animals? The more evolved, the more we should be free from any bound. But rather than an evolution, our attachment proves that we are subject to a transformation, in a relational dimension. On a symbolic level, attraction to the same sex could represent the temptation to escape this transformative quest by yielding to a narcissistic relationship. Some make the Bible say things that it does not say, others teach that the Bible asserts nothing and that everything is subject to interpretation. This is not true. The Scriptures could not be clearer : God has set a framework for human sexuality, just like for animals elsewhere, even if his requirements are not the same for all the beings He created. Everyone will agree that if God asks us to align ourselves to his project, it is because we have the power to change. If we did not have the capacity to rebound and change our trajectory, we would not be human beings. So why make people believe that they are born, attracted to the same sex, and that they do not have the power to change? It is true that a change in an area that touches our innermost identity will require a substantial intervention. Thousands of people can testify of the change that took place in them when they accepted that Jesus was the new foundation of their life. The Holy Spirit carries within itself the perfect model of every human being and our true identity is hidden in it. In reality, the gender of the word “Spirit” of God, in Hebrew (Ruach), is both masculine and feminine. In Greek (Pneuma), the word is neutral.

I say this with humility and as an encouragement to change, because if God hadn't forgiven me - and not just once, I wouldn't be allowed to mention this: Paul exhorts us in chapter 5 of the Galatians, not to think that we can fall through the cracks. He very crudely enumerates a certain number of mores, which if we persist in them, will deprive us of the enjoyment of the Kingdom of God. Now, if we are prevented from entering His Kingdom, there is only one place to go, and Jesus says it is a place of torment, weeping and gnashing of teeth. The things Paul lists are politely translated into vague concepts. But in the original language, which is the Greek of the Gospels, they are much more meaningful. These words are porneia, akatharsia, aselgeia, eidololatreia, pharmakeia, and others that I let you discover. All our sins are forgiven us when we come to Jesus. There is nothing we could have done that is unforgivable. Even the shame these things arouse, Jesus took on him at the cross. But in exchange, he asks us not to sin anymore.


Discovering God has reconciled me with my Femininity.

The environment in which we evolve can rub off on us, and sometimes more than we would like, especially when as teenagers we are looking for role models. Some will force themselves into a deviant path, while others might feel a deep discomfort in it.

Carlos Catari – An ex homosexual Testimony

“I had learned this mannerism in order to fit in the gay world. One day my Mum asked me : Carlos, if you hadn't been abused as a child, would you have become gay? That question made me think…”

Don't buy the Lie that you can't Change.

The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, it is holiness. Living a holy sexual life means sometimes having no sexual life, or at least for a time. But it hasn't to be so. Gays and lesbians aren't born that way. Otherwise the countless testimonies of people who say that they were set free would be lies. There is real hope.

John BEVERE – How God Delivered me from Pornography.

Let's be honest : porn is now everywhere and it has one of the most powerful grip on us, once we have succumbed to it. Until we understand how God sees his children who are enslaved in the lie that this is love. Then we start condemning ourselves, but we are unable to break free. All addictions have ill effects, but this addiction is particularly destructive of self confidence. This is certainly not unrelated to the epidemic of suicides that affects ministers, amongst other people. Another side effect is untrustworthiness, responsible for the breaking apart of couples and families. The good news however, is that it is easy to never lust again, once we have reached the point where our motives for repentance are right.

I had Traded my Life for a Virtual Reality.

In this very honest testimony, James recounts of what has unfortunately become the common story of many young people. He became addicted to games and to Internet pornography. Until he realized that pursuing such false gods was going to make him lose his soul for all eternity.
Check also James' Chanel.



How to handle the fear of the coronavirus ? Declare Yourself Healed.

Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for You, says Peter. He bore our sicknesses at the cross, so that by his stripes, we were healed says Isaiah. Powerful healing prayer by Cindy TRIMM.


“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33


Coronavirus, locusts, hail, storms, fires and other threats



Curry Blake addresses the coronavirus menace by exposing some of the scriptural bases for placing our faith in God for spiritual protection. And most importantly, he explains how spiritual protection works and how we can apply it to our lives. A very actual message.

“No Plague” Part 1  —  “No Plague” Part 2

Your Spiritual Immune System – The Three Levels of Protection



“If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!” Prov. 24:10

“You who are strong, may your freedom not be for your weaker brother, an opportunity to fall” 1 Cor. 8

Love is patient and it does not presume. Faith in divine protection does not exempt us from keeping the rules issued by the authorities in matters of prevention, and from having a civic behaviour.



The expression “Peur blue” was used by doctors in the 19th century, to describe the condition of some patients. They had noticed that people who where experiencing anguish or who were panicking had a cyanotic complexion due to poor oxygenation. But some will trace the expression back to the Middle Ages, when the plague spread across Europe. The grey complexion of people with the disease would be at the origin of the expression. The populations were seized with a “blue fear” at the approach of the “black death”, the great grim reaper who has neither judgment nor moods. Many doctors today know that fear predisposes us to get the sickness we dread – it could be cancer, or it could be a bad flu. The somatization of mental disorders or weaknesses, is a recognized medical fact. Job, in another era, said : “What I dread is exactly what happens to me!”. Fortune tellers make a business out of this. However, medicine does not know how to draw lessons from this teaching. Fear has been shown to weaken our immune defenses. Our organs start to malfunction. One can even die of fear by anticipating a great danger. This is something we are seeing in these times of a pandemic. Such person continues to fight and even to smile albeit she feels attacked in her health. But to find out, she asks to take the COVID-19 test. She is told that the test is positive, and since she has been informed previously that by her age or her condition, she is in the category of those who will most surely die, then you see that person change colour and collapse. From there, a flick will send her into the other world. What happened in the invisible is that fear has allowed a spirit of death to take hold of that person. Like all demonic spirits, fear is a liar. It drives us to make bad decisions. In the book of Revelation, we read that men, when they will be afflicted by the plagues, will harden their hearts and raise their fists against God when he comes to their rescue. That's why the Bible tells us not to fear, if not God. If instead of putting our faith in the noise of the world, we place it in what God tells us, a thousand could fall by our side, we will remain standing, he promises us in the psalm quoted below.

For the good news in all of this is that the process works the other way too! Faith and heartfelt adherence to our Father's promises, protect and strengthen us. They make us invisible. When an enemy approaches, he sees a protective wall, and then he sees God and flees. Cornered at the Red Sea, the Israelites saw the water share to let them pass through, and then swallow those who had thrown their children into the Nile. To a man who had just been told that his daughter had been taken away by death, Jesus said: “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Then he spoke to the lifeless body, commanded it to get up, and returned a girl in perfect health to her parents. Pastor Curry Blake relates the case of preacher J.G. Lakes, a famous faith healer who at the beginning of the last century volunteered with his team to evacuate the dead from an epidemic that was ravaging South Africa. Dumbfounded, the doctors saw under the microscope that the samples of infected fluids that came in contact with their skin were neutralized. Jesus wasn't afraid to touch the lepers. But leprosy had reasons to be afraid. Where did this strange power come from? In Romans 8, Paul says that the law of the Spirit that brings life, made us free from the law that brings sin and death. Now this domination of the Spirit is exercised over sickness and death.

Jesus warned us that there would be rumours of wars, earthquakes and epidemics. “Don't be alarmed, because these things have to happen,” he said. In other words, we should consider these events as the pangs of the birth of a new humanity. If a Pharaoh who had not known Joseph resisted beyond all good sense Moses' request to let his people go, then the advent of the reign of God on earth will not come without meeting a strong resistance. This is why, faced with the terrors that his enemies will spread in an increasing manner in order to strengthen their control over the peoples of the earth, we cannot remain passive. God invites us to be in his camp, which we do by making sure that we get rid of our idols and other substitutes for Him, so that we won't be judged with them, and by identifying with his beloved son. “The Lord is king! He is robed in majesty. Indeed, the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken”. Psalm 93. But because wickedness now prevails, anything that can be shaken will be shaken. Over the next few years or decades, we will experience some upheavals, which is an understatement. Medicine will have to face a lost race. The political and societal context will become explosive. There will be famine. But we will survive, if we take hold of the spiritual weapons God has prepared to keep us safe. Just think of the dreaded “sign of the Son of man” that Jesus mentioned. It will take some supernatural power to deflect this asteroid from its path, when it will be heading for us. Yes, it will be up to us to demonstrate the power of God ! Otherwise we will die… And just as, two thousand years ago, the baby Jesus and his angels stopped in its course a star that Satan had dropped from the sky to kill in the egg the salvation sent by God, it's our children, those who survived the tsunami of abortion, who will have that innocent faith to make this great miracle happen. And then Jesus will appear with great glory, and we will meet him in the air. That shows how tangible the power of God will be on that day ! A reign of peace will then begin on earth, that will last a very, very long time. You see, appearances are deceptive. It just took to reverse the order of the responsibilities, and the theology of the containment of the church followed by the evacuation of an earth doomed to destruction was born. It was to forget that it is us who are now the representatives of Jesus on earth. We are his offspring, if we are born of his Spirit. And it was to forget that Jesus wishes that none of his fellow men perishes. A child's faith in a God with a child's heart: this is what Jesus wants us to have. And so will we also know at the end, who is our genuine mother. But the ultimate truth, that which we must cling onto now, is that in Jesus, death was swallowed up in victory and we no longer have to worry about it. Fear comes from false evidences that we believe cannot be changed. In a war, what can you do to submit people for whom death represents nothing?   “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God”. “Whoever believes in me lives forever, even if he dies”.

But before that, we have an important mission to fulfil. In Isaiah 41:10, God says: “You are my servant, I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” In Psalm 91, which tradition attributes to Moses, God promises protection and peace in the most difficult circumstances to those who will pray for his kingdom to come. This psalm, which I will quote here before going on, is the “quintessential” antidote to indistinct threats, and it is could be useful to memorize it. For when I hear that almost a thousand Italians died from the Coronavirus in one day, it makes me extremely sad. They didn't have to die. They died however, because they did not know that God gave us a supernatural healing solution – no one had told them ! In their disarray, they trusted their fate to other men: the Pope for some, their guardian gods for others, or the medical care. This must be said so that others can escape, despite the pain and the sorrow that are at the heart of all these situations. Our mind is made up of the informations to which we subscribe. This might be the time now to switch off our television set and to tune up to God.



Psalm 91

Whoever dwells under the shelter of the Most High (Elyon) rests in the shade of the Almighty (Shaddai).
2 I said to the Lord (YHVH Adonaï), my refuge and my stronghold, my God (Elohim) in whom I trust.
3 For it is he who delivers you from the net of the bird-catcher, from the plague and its ravages.
4 He will cover you with his feathers, and you will find refuge under his wings. His loyalty is a shield and a breastplate.
5 You shall not fear the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 Neither the plague that walks in darkness, Nor the contagion that strikes in the middle of the day.
7 Let a thousand fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, you will not be hit;
8 Only with your eyes will you look, and you will see the retribution of the wicked.
9 For you are my dwelling place, O Lord ! You make the Most High your refuge.
10 No misfortune will happen to you, No plague will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels to keep you in all your ways;
12 They will carry you on your hands, lest your foot strike a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and on the asp; you will tread on the lion cub and the dragon.
14 Since he loves me, I will deliver him; I will protect him, since he knows my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in distress, I will deliver him and I will glorify him.
16 I will satisfy him with a long life, and I will show him my salvation (Yeshuw'ah, Yeshua w).




How to place ourselves under the divine protection? “Stay in the shelter of the Most High and rest in his shade”, suggests this psalm. Let's be clear: What we are going through right now is not an apocalyptic plague, not yet. These trials were brought to us by learned men who play sorcerer's apprentices, and political corruption was able to take advantage of their blunders. They are nevertheless allowed by a loving father who wants to attract the attention of his children. It happens that a lioness brings back a living animal to its young in order to teach them to use their weapons. God does not want us to suffer these things as a punishment, but He wants us to take the opportunity to show him what we are capable of. Our weapons are not carnal, says Paul, but they are mighty because they appeal to God. Leave to our governments, repression, machine guns and bactericidal sprays. In his eyes, these things are at the same level of efficiency as the processions or the sound of bells and the masks supposed to frighten the demons that the inhabitants of the Lötschental exhibit. God invites us to stand on a higher level, seeking first the reign of God and his justice, so that we can act from faith and peace which are the tangible signs of his sovereign presence. It is the opposite of this paralysing fear which the world undergoes and to which one reacts by a feverish agitation. Imagine rather: this supreme being, immensely powerful, who stands between us and the evil that could reach us - and even: who wants to hide us in his “feathers”.

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate. I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’” Luke 13:33-35

Out of his vehicle, he risks being caught at any time, but when a bush photographer is driving his convertible Land-Rover, he makes one with his vehicle for the lion who watches it, even if I shudder at the thought that it would actually take a jump for the lion to extract a treat from its metal box… The few lions who broke the rule have been shot. It's been told that Satan took a nasty blow in the wing at Golgotha, and since that time he is stranded on earth.

When an eaglet is hidden in the eagle's feathers, it makes one with the eagle and it has nothing to fear. Since he loves me, I will deliver him; I will protect him, since he knows my name”. It is perhaps the right time for some to take this first decisive step towards the One who holds out his arms to them. In these hectic times, let's show our gratitude by trusting us in him and by entrusting our loved ones to him. John says in his epistle that “There is no fear in love. Perfect love puts fear out of our hearts. People have fear when they are afraid of being punished”. Moses knew that a pure conscience makes us strong and that it acts as an invisible shield. But don't stop there! Just as with a life companion, loving God means wanting to know Him a little more intimately every day. God does not have only one name. But in each circumstance of our lives, he reveals to us a complementary aspect of his person, an aspect that saves us and elevates us. Conversely, the less we know God and the more we are inclined to go drink from other sources and to attract fellow travellers who will distance us from him.

Hear me, my people, and I will warn you— if you would only listen to me, Israel! You shall have no foreign god among you; you shall not worship any god other than me. I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. “But my people would not listen to me; Israel would not submit to me. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices. “If my people would only listen to me, if Israel would only follow my ways, how quickly I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their foes! Those who hate the Lord would cringe before him, and their punishment would last forever. But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Psalm 81. How does one come to this morbid contemplation which characterizes religion in its generic form? The result of the veneration of helpless idols is spiritual castration. Any thing or person in which we place our hopes, and which disengages us from taking responsibilities and action, is a dumb idol.

The gods of the Egyptians and their Queen of Heaven were not enough to save them from the plagues, since in reality it is their worship which caused them the plagues. Remember: Pharaoh had forced the Israelites to offer their male toddlers to Sobek, their crocodile god, to prevent their people from outnumbering them. In addition, they were enslaved to build for the Pharaoh, stupid pyramids to Osiris, the god who invented religion. God warns us innumerable times in the Bible of what will happen if we take liberties by tolerating these “high places” of pagan worship. But as a by-product of civilization and religious tradition, high places are in reality rampant in our culture. These idols are aroused by the devil and their veneration can only provoke the jealousy of God, who by turning his eyes away, will leave us at the reach of the curse. “Be completely faithful to the Lord”. Deut 18:13. Either our heart belongs to him, or he is not our Lord. It is with great jealousy that God loves us and it is by means of a precious blood that he has redeemed us. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and don't do what I tell you?” Here is what Jesus' mother has advised us : “Do everything Jesus tells you”. Even Pharaoh, the father of the Egyptians, said to them: “Go to Joseph and do what he tells you”. Joseph was a type of Christ and because they knew to recognize that his wisdom came from a God that was superior to theirs, all the Egyptians were spared from famine. But God's people were had placed itself in Pharaoh's shadow and later, God had to raise Moses to guide his people out of the trap they had put themselves into. The Israelites then had to sacrifice a lamb and sprinkle the lintels with its blood. This sign would keep the death angel out of their homes when he passed through Egypt. Why does this virus take its toll on our seniors? Remember: all the first-borns of the Egyptians died that night, but the first-borns of the Israelites were protected by the blood. But our elders, young and old, don't have to die. God sacrificed his only Son, and his blood, if we accept the covenant which he offers us, covers our faults and becomes the safe conduct which gives us access to God, with the freedom to live before him for many long years and to serve him without fear, as we are reminded of in this psalm. Therefore, if there is premature death, the death of his saints is a consented sacrifice.

But the Israelites were not satisfied with the sign. After roasting it in the fire, they were ordered to eat this lamb with bitter herbs, before daybreak and without leaving anything. “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies”. Psalm 23. It must be remembered that they were despised and treated as slaves by those who used them to build the shrines of their religion. This single meal was going to allow them to cross the Red Sea and walk towards their promised land. If you have seen Mel Gibson's film, you have had a taste of the sufferings Jesus endured–the worst one can imagine–, so that they would be spared to us. He thus took upon himself all the curses that were intended for us, as foretold in Isaiah 53. We were slaves to sin but he redeemed us. Jesus has made us know Immanuel : God, with us and in us. “It is no longer I who live, it is Christ who lives in me” said the apostle Paul. “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied”, he said also. Yes, true Christianity means serving God with sometimes a tinge of bitterness because of the things we will let by, but with great joy in perspective. Someone said: “It's to exchange what we cannot keep for what we cannot lose”. Sounds a fair deal to me. The Lord's Supper is all this and more. Paul told the Romans that if they were identified by the baptism with the death of Jesus, it was so that their lives would from now on reflect his resurrection.

The word which was at the beginning of the creation became flesh and it lived among us, separating the light from the darkness, “treading upon the lion and adder, on the lion cub and the Dragon”. Then Jesus spread that same word over his disciples. It came down from Heaven in the form of tongues of fire. “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust”. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we receive this word which has the power to bring into existence the realities of God, those which must prevail over the realities of the world, starting in our lives. “You have already won a victory over them, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world”. 1 John 4:4. And even if the devil knows it, he is like a crooked lawyer who will not hesitate to take advantage over us in our ignorance. So we must not hesitate reminding him, as Pastor Curry Blake says. “Submit yourselves therefore to God; resist the devil, and he will flee from you”, said James. When we face calamities, God commits us to fight. The spiritual gift of tongues, which we grasp by faith, is an extremely powerful weapon. “Mighty one, put your sword at your side. Put on glory and majesty as if they were your clothes. In your majesty ride out with power to fight for what is true, humble and fair. Let your right hand do wonderful things. Shoot your sharp arrows into the hearts of your enemies. Let the nations come under your control”. Psalm 45: 3-5. Of course we don't fight against people. But by declaring that God reigns, we engage the angels, who on our declarations made with faith will repress the invisible hordes of destructive spirits who act in the dark. Wolves stay away from fire. A Chinese sage said, “Instead of cursing the darkness, let's light a candle!”. We are invited to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. But if we let apathy take hold, or fear paralyse us, we could be thrown out as something useless, and then the world may trample on us, warns Jesus in Matthew 5: 10-16. A lamp is only a light when it shines. … “Who knows if you have not come to your royal position for such a time as this?” said Mordecai to his niece, the young Queen Esther, in a very dark moment in their history. Perhaps is it time for us to rekindle the flame !


“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my Face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”   II Chronicles 7:14


Amazing revelations from Sid Roth's guest prophets.

Coronavirus is Part of a War of Influence. – The coronavirus spread is a by-product of political corruption. God will put his finger on what is actually: the pandemic of a demonic spirit of fear. The positive side of these upheavals is that it will change the nature and the depth of the relationship many Christians have with Jesus. Be reassured: there is hope and in near future!

Ancient Key to Coronavirus

God is Judging the gods of this World – Dr. Candice Smithyman reminds us of an ancient key to stopping the Coronavirus. This mysterious key is as effective against disease and viruses today as it was over 3,000 years ago. In this time of confinement, we have to remember Passover, what God has done for us and how precious is the blood of Messiah. This blood which we draw our communion from makes a world of difference.


• Curry BLAKEDon't sabotage your Blessings. In order to obtain our healing from God, we must be single minded. Some people die of sickness while they have faith in God. Curry Blake explains how the mentality of relying on other people and being tossed by all winds of doctrine has made us weak. People think they have faith, when in fact they have faith in some traditions they have been taught in church. “The eye is like a lamp for the body. Suppose your eyes are healthy (single focused). Then your whole body will be full of light. But suppose your eyes can’t see well (are double sighted). Then your whole body will be full of darkness”. Matthew 6:21-24. See also James 3.

• Curry BlakeStaying focused on Faith. “The Spirit clearly says that in later times, some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” 1 Timothy 4. In this essential lesson, Pastor Curry Blake exposes some of the ways the enemy has to make us ineffective. From habits of life, relationships, hobbies, book readings and entertainment, to watching the exotic hype of a new preacher on Christian TV every day, the devil spares no effort to have us scattered and to distract us from what really matters, namely: having en entire faith in God.





“The beginning of a life of power is when we eventually start believing what we read, and are no longer satisfied with believing only what our experiences or that of others have allowed us to believe. If there are no miracles in our churches, it could be because our theology is based, not on what the Word of God says, but on failure reports. By imagining Godly reasons to unsuccessfulness, we have devised a theology of disillusionment.”

Have you been told, as I have, that Paul's "thorn in the flesh" was an infirmity that God had inflicted on him to prevent him from boasting? Or that this same Paul could not heal Trophim? That many sick people were not healed even by Jesus because they had some unbelief in their heart? These are prejudices among many more that die hard in the church. This other blog gives us a nice sample of the pseudo-doctrines that affect the church. They would be anecdotal if they did not outright destroy the promises of God! Forty years after the facts, I am still exasperated with this evangelical tradition which when I got my start, quite simply disarmed me! Our theology is upside down and we have to put it back in place, before tackling the subterfuges that we ourselves have developed in our hearts. Because if these pretexts for procrastination were able to convince us, it's also because they make our life so much easier.

What was the “thorn in the flesh” that Paul was afflicted with?

Read more

Paul, it is true, mentions in one of his letters that he had an illness. It seems that as he had reached a certain age, his eyesight deteriorated. No text explains this hypothesis but he mentions his large handwriting and the fact that if they had been able, some would have torn out their eyes and given them to him. Some believe that Paul was affected with partial blindness, a late sequel to his encounter with the glorified Christ on the road to Damascus, whose radiance had burned his eyes. But when he mentions this “thorn in the flesh” that he had to undergo with the almost permanent harassment of an angel of Satan, the Lord having answered to his supplications to remove him : “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, Paul certainly does not refer to his infirmity, or as some suggest, to a mysterious illness that God would have affected him with in order to preserve him from arrogance, and from which he could not heal. He does not think of hunger, cold and bareness which were often his lot during his adventurous life on land and at sea either. But when you read the story of his life, you realize that the revelation that this man got from God was so extraordinary – think of all the letters that he has left us and which are as enlightening as the Gospel itself, think of those pieces of cloth that Paul had touched and which healed the sick on whom they were applied–, that Satan must have assigned one of his best agents to accompany him in order to limit as much as possible the scope of his spiritual conquests. When Paul and Barnabas are in Lystra, some people are so impressed by their speech and by the miracles that the Holy Spirit does through them that they want to build two altars and offer them sacrifices. But the same day, these men suddenly come to their sense and they decide to stone the two apostles. Why? Because the angel of Satan who accompanied Paul had done his job of undermining and disinformation. Undergoing relentlessly the Jews' plots to assassinate him, the contradictions of the magicians, the opposition of the crowds, the lashes, the imprisonments, the disparagement of the church leaders, this war of attrition of the traditions and the law wanting to reinstate the teaching, the betrayals of the false believers and finally the sentence of the power : his life was certainly not a long, calm river. “All those who are determined to dedicate themselves to their union with Jesus Christ will experience persecution”, he said to Timothy. But as he writes in Romans 8: “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”.


The greatest among you shall be your servant.


Healing Insight, with Art Thomas

Healing is simple, but it takes to have the right theology and the right motivations.

• Art THOMAS – Jesus deserves you praying for the sick. Miracle working is for everyone.

• Art THOMAS10 Things Jesus NEVER said about Healing. Jesus healed every single person that came to Him. Today's Church has complicated the healing ministry with all sorts of wrong theological concepts, excuses, self denial and mind gymnastics. Our poor results are due mostly to this “disappointmentology”.

• Art THOMAS – Art shares his own testimony, how he found forgiveness and freedom in Jesus, how he grasped his identity in Christ and how he got hold of the authority over sickness we have in Him.

• Art THOMAS – Who we are in the eyes of God is the reason why we should do what he asks from us.


Spiritual Hindrances Blocking Your Healing.

Sickness has many subtle ways to make friends of us. Becky DVORAK says we must sometimes recognize what is wrong in our thinking before we can heal ourselves.



Healing on the public place

The Last Reformation – The Movies

God, in our days, is bringing back the simple truth contained in the Gospels and the Book of Acts, that is: Go into the whole world and share the good news. What is the good news? God is with us and he proves it by healing the sick, by kicking out demons and bringing the souls into intimacy with Him. This good news has the power to set us free from unbelief and to make us walk in a new lifestyle of faith.

• The Last Reformation IN GENEVA

Kingdom of God in Japan

The message of the cross is anything but comfortable and the way of Jesus is not flattering for our ego. But when Christians agree to die to themselves to let Jesus reach people in order to heal them and set them free, the blessing is shared, and their own life takes on its true dimension. 2 Timothy 3:10-13


• KINGDOM OF GOD IN ITALY – Faith is for everyone.

• THE LAST REFORMATION INTERNATIONAL – We believe that the church is facing a new reformation !




Pastor Curry Blake's early years. How it started, and now equipping the believers worldwide.

Brother Curry tells how he entered the Healing Ministry. “We never took NO for an answer”.
When asked, “When did you start to see a breakthrough in healing?” Curry Blake, supervisor of John G. Lake Ministries, answered,“When I decided I was not going to give up until I saw it.” After he had lost his oldest daughter, Curry made a commitment to God. So when his second daughter tragically died in an accident, he was ready to bring her back to life. Why are people not healed when we pray for them? Why have our prayers no outcome? The reason is simple: We behave like emotional beings and are no longer based on biblical truth. The enemy will always try to move us away from what really matters. The parable of the soils comes down to two attitudes: Let yourself be distracted by life and circumstances, or focus on the mission. Based on the New Testament principle that the Spirit of Jesus carries healing within itself and that the will of God is to save man – body, mind and spirit –, Christians must impose this will on sickness and on death with faith and stubbornness. A theory confirmed by the remarkable results that its implementation makes it possible to obtain.

Dominion Life Now Television

Dominion Life Now: As seen on a wide range of Television Networks. “Come back to the Word of God, and you will see that it works”.

Divine Healing Technician Training

“Healing has been considered as something mystical that can't be taught or learned. But that's wrong. Jesus did mostly three things when he took his disciples with him : He taught, he preached and he healed. He taught about the Kingdom and he taught on relationship with the Father. When you understand how the Kingdom works and you have a relationship with the Father, you will operate in healing – it's that simple”.

Pastor Curry Blake's Bible teachings

I should perhaps hate the thought that one man got it all. But if you've been wandering through the speeches of countless preachers who say but do not demonstrate what they say, or who advocate new age views and values, give yourself another chance. The Bible based, and not theologically biased teachings of Curry Blake, are pragmatic and effective. Putting things straight and simple is sometimes all it takes to make them workable. “It's all in the Bible. People wait for fancy personal words, yet they have not even started to obey what Jesus already told us to do”.

Building Life Teams

Christians are not a bunch of individuals but they are a body. All the benefits of the Life in Christ are aimed at one thing: Building the House of God. If Jesus is the chief cornerstone rejected by men but chosen and precious for God, this house must be made of living bricks. The true sense of the word “ecclesia”, its power and governing purposes, need to be rediscovered. “Life teams are a place where you go to grow and where you grow to go into the world”.

• Curry BLAKE – Powerful Healing Prayer: By His stripes we were healed.



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Is brother Curry Blake coming to your area?

• Curry BLAKEGoing To, or just going Through? We need vision. Not the “Get a dream and God will help you fulfil it” attitude, but get God's dream for your life. He is already working to get it fulfilled and whenever you get on track, you will see it being fulfilled.

• Curry BLAKEDon't sabotage your Blessings. In order to obtain our healing from God, we must be single minded. Some people die of sickness while they have faith in God. Curry Blake explains how the mentality of relying on other people has made us weak. People think they have faith, when in fact they have faith in the traditions they have been taught in church. “The eye is like a lamp for the body. Suppose your eyes are healthy (single minded). Then your whole body will be full of light. But suppose your eyes can’t see well (are double minded). Then your whole body will be full of darkness”. Matthew 6:21-24. See also James 3.

• Curry BLAKEThe Spirit Is Our Real Us. Many people don't see results because they operate from the soul.

• Curry BLAKEReleasing The Spirit Into Your Flesh. “People who are the most difficult to heal are church people, because they have heard so many times that Jesus can heal, but they have kept that knowledge at mind level”.  
• Other Videos from those contributors.

• Curry BLAKEFaith is Your Servant. Another great practical message from brother Curry Blake, 2019.

• Curry BLAKE – Trust God To Back You Up.

• Curry BLAKE – Intimacy With the Holy Spirit 1.

• Curry BLAKE – Intimacy With the Holy Spirit 2.

• Curry BLAKE – Manifesting Christ.

• Curry BLAKE – Follow the Faith of the Faithful.

• Curry BLAKE – Don't let the devil use You.

• Curry BLAKE – Light, Life & Love. Building character rather than arouse an emotional state.

• Curry BLAKE – The Spirit of Faith in Identification (versus the hype for anointings)

• Curry BLAKE – Structural Miracles. What can we expect from God? –Just anything. “May it be done onto you according to your faith”. No thing is impossible to God.

• Curry BLAKE – In this teaching, Curry Blake addresses some issues that tend to plague today's Church like for instance: the New Age doctrines that say that “there is something more”: need for additional baptisms, gifts or mantels and anointings required in addition to the gift of the Holy Spirit. He says that if you received the Holy Spirit, you have all that is required to accomplish what Jesus asks of you. What you need now is trusting the Word of God and acting accordingly.

• Curry BLAKE – In a marathon, wearing the appropriate shoes is essential if you want to cross the finish line. Why do our prayers have no result? Why are people not healed when we pray for them? The simple reason is that we are not persuaded that God wants, and that He always wants to heal, and we doubt even more than He can do it through our simple faith in Him. Curry Blake's teaching exposes some of the preconceived ideas, those theological “sacred cows” that prevent faith from being effective. He also points out the scriptural keys that will enable us to obtain a result. Curry Blake says he has not been praying for a sick person for over thirty years. Based on the New Testament principle that the Spirit of Jesus is healing and that his will is always to heal people, Christians must impose this will on sickness with faith and obstinacy. A theory that has been verified by the extraordinary results that can be obtained when it is applied. Curry's master words are: “Keep it simple, press on, and trust God for the results”.

• Curry BLAKE – Healing : Your Legal Right. According to Isaiah 53, our healing started the minute Jesus was tied on the whipping post. It was achieved when he was nailed to the cross. Anything we would ad to that or do, to make it happen, is unbelief”.

• Curry BLAKEAcknowledging What Is In You. Curry Blake not only tells you how to activate your faith, he actually takes you through the process. You will want to listen and do this message everyday.

• Curry BLAKE – God's Master Plan. Learn what you were made for and begin to live it out in your life.

• Curry BLAKE – He gave us His Word.




Men with different approaches, but the same Jesus.


How To Use Your Imagination.

From the Tower of Babel to the cursed fig tree, we see in the Bible that God has set our imagination as the vector for the things we ask or want. Pastor Mel Bond says that if ungodly people use it to realize their wicked plans, how much more the Christians should use their renewed imagination to bring forward the Kingdom of God.

• Mel BOND“So that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete!” – One of God's great mysteries, is that Humans who represent the Lord Jesus Christ, are the best representations of God here on Earth.

• Mel BOND – Why the faith of Christians Doesn't Work.

• Mel BOND – No shouting nor crying, but powerful Healing Miracles through simple faith in Jesus.


• Tom LOUD – Healing the sick can be as simple as that.

• Tom LOUD – Authority to Heal – Praying for Healing Miracles.

• Pete CABRERA – Why People loose their Healing.

• Pete CABRERA – How to heal Yourself in Christ Jesus.

• Lester SUMRALL – A Man of Faith and Destiny.

• Lester SUMRALL – Don't forget the Pioneers of Faith.

• Lester SUMRALL – Understanding Alien Entities and dealing with Them.

Christ Centred Healing Seminar.

In this seminar, Roger Sapp talks on how he went from praying for the sick and seeing no results, to bringing Jesus' healing and watch Him do the work. He emphasizes the fact that healing is not “anointing dependent” as some would have us to believe, but that you simply have to trust Jesus, and marvel. Another testimony of how thinking right will bring it right. (The sound problem at the beginning gets fixed after a while).


They Acted on their Faith.

Tommy Lee OSBORN was a renowned miracle worker. In this message, he explains before a pentecostal congregation, how the Gospel must be acted on. “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it”. I would not endorse all preachers from the Pentecostal movement. Some have made faith their god, and the message a business. But T.L. Osborn (1923-2013) has a solid reputation of being a man of compassion and integrity who has worked hard for the Gospel, bringing Jesus Christ to millions of unreached people in over 90 nations.







“Yehudim ask for otot and Yevanim seek chochmah. But, we proclaim Moshiach and nivlato al haEtz”.   1 Corinthians.



The Gospel isn't just words, but it's the supernatural power of God for the salvation–body, mind and spirit–of whoever believes. When Jesus' own people get hold of the truth of the Gospel, you can expect something mind blowing and life changing !

DISCLAIMER : ISN Network offers an open tribune to many guest speakers who for the most part are outstanding men and women of God with amazing stories to build our faith. However, due to the times of increasing unbiblical or New Age views and values creeping into the church, please, exercise your discernment.



BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS – New Age in the Church


OK, now here's the other aspect. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice? You know its not that way. We have a good Jesus, a magnificent Jesus. But part of our apprenticeship is learning how to unmask the bad and the ugly. One of the most effective ways the devil has devised to ruin the lives of Christians is to counterfeit the conduct of the Spirit of God, in words, in thoughts, or in our dreams. This should represent a fundamental point of the Christian doctrine, but is often overlooked. Whenever people want to hear nice things, the devil will take advantage of them. But God will NEVER tell us to do something that is against his principles. Therefore, we must know the Bible and trial every decision on the basis of the Word, the circumstances and the times, in order to be able to recognize the sabotage maneuvers of Satan, and to not give way to our fleshly desires.


Lolium temulentum. This name probably doesn't tell you much if you are not a farmer or a botanist. But the common name of the plant is probably more familiar : poison darnel or rye grass. Absorbed accidentally in the bread, the mould associated with the seed produces nausea and makes the subject stagger like a drunken man, and in some cases causes death. (source: Wikipedia )

Matthew 13 - The parable of the tares sown among the wheat. But what in the world is Jesus talking about?

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“Yes, my people perish for lack of knowledge, because you, the priests, have rejected knowledge.
Hosea 4:6

Now, error is a wild grass that proliferates in the wastelands of knowledge. Daniel had predicted, for a distant time, that a religious revolution would bring notorious changes – words that are reported in Daniel 11. Jesus echoed this prediction when he warned us that once the gospel would have been announced to all nations, almost simultaneously, the despicable and desolate thing announced by the prophet Daniel would have “settled in the holy place”. Many agree on thinking that the future world government will sit for a short time in Jerusalem. But on another level : at the turn of this century, a prominent leader of the New Age movement has declared that within 20 years, most evangelical churches would have succumbed to spirits of the New Age.

It would be naïve to think that everything that looks like Christianity is true Christianity. Nowadays, we hear a lot about “new apostles”, “spiritual mantels”, “double portions anointing”, “soaking in the presence”, “seeking the glory”, “heavenly invasion”, “portals”, “baptism of fire”, “awakening” to whatever. A misplaced thirst for the supernatural drives thousands of Christians to places where they hope to get those additional “blessings”, from men who are the waterless fountains that Peter writes about. They have an appearance of piety, but they have denied what makes its strength, that is to say: the truth, as Paul said to Timothy. Evangelical Christianity and Protestantism in general have been plagued by spiritual apathy for decades. Now that they realize that there is more, they turn away from truth and go looking for what is missing, in the worst possible places. Both Peter and Paul warned us that false teachers would rise from amongst us and take from within Christianity, large crowds of people who don't know how to recognize their right from their left. They’ll say anything that sounds good to exploit their followers, and give the way of truth a bad name. 2 Peter 2. As Jim Caviezel, the actor who starred in Mel Gibson's film, said: We are going to go through a difficult time before things get better. The devil will sift us to find out where our weaknesses are. He can buy any preacher or church leader if he pays the price. Some for 1 million, others for 50 millions. They will think they have chosen such path, when in fact they have capitulated. This phenomenon is now so widespread that it has been designated under a name: Seeker sensitive churches, churches in which everything is done to attract people, often to the detriment of a solid experience of conversion.


"I multiplied the experiments and I pulled out all the stops". The sentence is not taken from the book of the wisdom of Solomon, but it could have stood there, with in conclusion his famous sentence: “There’s nothing to anything–it’s all smoke.” It rejoins the motto of the Jesuits: “The end justifies the means, but always for the greater glory of God!” Or even the Koranic verses inciting to lie and kill if that supports the progression of Islam. The central question becomes this: Is it religion that makes up believers, or is it believers that makes up religion? The sense of the question is crucial, even if the question itself makes no sense. Jesus would say that the law was made for the people, and not the people for the law. What the Roman Catholics have done in the field of traditions, by integrating into their organization the Roman Septemviri epulonum, and by rehabilitating the worship of the mother goddess – resurgence of the Middle Eastern cults of the Queen of Heaven Isis, or Astarté, and of the guardians of the traditions: the Baal, , – the Pentecostal movement Word of Faith did it at the level of the experience, by integrating a Gnosticism proscribed by the apostles. You may have heard of the “Toronto Blessing”, the “Lakeland's Revival” or the “Bethel Church's Tunnel of Fire”. Under the inspiration of the spirits of the New Age, Christians went to the Hindu gurus to find spiritual powers that are as demonstrative as they are useless. Ultimately demonic, those spiritual influx are absolutely not a part of the heritage of the Christian faith.


This almost inextricable mixture of Christian truths and pagan spirituality is one of the most striking characteristics of the life of the church in the end times. These seeds of different nature, growing together in the same field and producing, which some good grain for the granary of God, which straw destined to fire, are precisely what Jesus tells us about in his parable of the tares. Throughout the Bible, God urges us to keep this spiritual and pure faith, consistent with that which Christ and his apostles transmitted to us, which is the pledge of our new birth, as Peter mentions. However, since the beginning of our faith, we see a move, popular or coming from religious authorities, to combine old things with new things and to enrich our faith with a tradition, seeking also from other cultures elements supposed to bring complementarity and universality – this is, moreover, the meaning of the word “Catholic”. These amalgams are the shenanigans of Satan to reclaim our faith. Denial of a biblical truth or addition of elements which are not acquired by the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross, constitute the denial of our faith. A story is found in the Bible, in chapter 10 of the book of Leviticus, which illustrates this point particularly well. Two of Aaron's sons had decided to give to their worship an exotic dimension by bringing to the altar of perfumes, a profane or strange fire, that is to say a fire that did not come from the altar of sacrifices. Fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord. Jesus himself warned us: “When you will see these things, if you’re out in the field, don’t go back and get your coat!”. God's response will not be delayed. “As in the days of Sodom," Jesus tells us again. The severity of God's intervention will be explained by the motivation of men. Satan's hidden purpose, in giving rise to a false religion, is to anticipate the advent of the Kingdom of Christ, in order to pull the rug from under his feet. Therefore, his advent will not take place during the great religious revival that many announce, since this world revival led by an alliance between the preponderant religions will be the last conflagration of the religion of Satan, during which the faithful believers will be put to death as we already see in many parts of the world, before its sudden destruction by the return of Jesus in person.


Power and miracles according to Jesus therefore do not come from this world. They are not in a particular anointing, in an atmosphere of signs and wonders, in electric tingling, in magnetism or in the spiritual energy of reiki, or even in an outpouring of liquid love. But they are in the Truth, and it is undoubtedly there that we have to seek what today is sorely lacking in the church. The Church leads its own life in which God must not interfere. But the Truth is a person. We have to invite this person to lead us, and then, remain firmly in Him, just as long ago, the Israelites in the wilderness drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, which was Christ. “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you want, and it will be done for you”. And as an illustrious man of God whose name I forgot said : God did not sow a son to reap servants, not even anointed ones. In reality, the blood shed at the cross allows us to be fully integrated into the family of God and we have no reason to go begging for the rest of our days in the courts of heaven for the breaking of generational curses that are supposed to hold us back, or to receive anointings and special powers, spiritual mantels, baptisms of fire, greater glory and that sort of nonsense invented by those who want to compartmentalize the Gospel in order to make it their business. I say it bluntly because we have to open our eyes on the manipulation. But to be able to make this inalienable inheritance which is ours prosper, we will have to undergo the education that God reserves for his sons, which consists mainly in taking the power on our sin habits, which are sometimes passed on to us from previous generations.


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  John the Baptist said that Jesus would come and that he would baptise us with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Not the fire of unrestlessness of the Kundalini of Bethel or of the Word of Faith movement, but the sacred fire which consumes in us the chaff of this unhealthy agitation which carries us away and prevents us from being ourselves. What distinguishes Christianity from false religion is the divine peace of Jesus that comes to rest on people who have died to themselves, and who now live for him by obeying the faith. God is already raising an army of new Elijahs to confront the prophets of Baal. Their motivations will remain misunderstood, because they will refuse to embrace the synchretic religion which will sweep across the world and to which all will have subscribed, thinking that it will bring peace to the Earth. Hated and put to death, they will nevertheless be the last bulwark of Truth in the face of the big deception. As the prophet Daniel said : They will act steadfast, because they will have known God. And God will prove them right.


“My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father–Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.”   ”I write to you, dear children, because you know the Father. I write to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one. Do not love the world or anything in the world.” 1 John 2



Let's learn how to recognize those counterfeits.


BETHEL CHURCH: Incorporating New Age Mysticism, Spirit Guides, Messengers, New Outpouring, Spiritual Invasion, Healing Energy, Grave Sucking and more….

I am not a follower of the “International Order of Heresy Hunters”. But when I saw, in a church that I attended, the weird way to say the least in which some young people behaved after they went through the “School of the Supernatural” of the church of Bethel, I knew from the Holy Spirit that a drama with many ramifications was unfolding in the Christian world, affecting particularly the young people but not only. To see with my own eyes how Satan knew to possess these young people from my area while making them believe that they were filled with the Holy Spirit, has saddened me and made me indignant. Claiming a Pentecost of a new kind, the movement, led by charismatic personalities like Bill Johnson, Kris Valotton, Heidi Baker, Ben Fitzgerald and others, clearly assumes the contributions of the New Age and leads thousands of young Christians, mainly from stagnant evangelical backgrounds, in the emotional web of a form of Christian esotericism. Under the guise of a “New Apostolic Reformation” based on the controversial theology of C. Peter Wagner, they mix in an almost inextricable manner the genuine Christian concepts to others which are clearly anti-biblical. Former students bravely denounce some of the trends and practices going on at Bethel, a mega-church located in Redding, California.

Hundreds of tousands having now embraced the NAR's teaching, the transition to apostasy actually affects an increasing number of churches around the world. It is heartbreaking to have to recommend abstaining from relationships with Christians who otherwise are nice people, and with the few churches that seem to be “alive”. But Jesus gave solemn warnings in his parable of the tares – Tares: those who in his church, come from another kind of seed. “He will send his angels to gather the tares before they are burned”. We must not forget the lessons of the past and how a nice guy named Jim Jones led a thousand of his followers to a tragic end. Because it is based on false theology, Bethel is a cult and it puts forward another Jesus. The same disapproval also concerns the gospel of the New Apostolic Reformation movement and all that is produced : books, teachings, worship music. We definitely live in fascinating times…



• The KUNDALINI INVASION – How it Happened. Andrew Storm.

• Heidi BAKER – The drunken Delusion.

• The False "Church System" Deception.

• Demonic revival spirits in Churches, versus the Holy Spirit – Our quest for the supernatural can lead us astray. Many Christians struggle in their life with God, because they need to be set free from evil spirits they got at church and to be filled with the genuine Holy Spirit.

• New Age Christianity in Church – Jesus Culture, Hillsong, TobyMac, Bethel Music

• Should a Church be Seeker sensitive?

• Steven BANCARZA counterfeit Christianity is sweeping across churches. A survey indicates that 61% of all practicing Christians are now involved in this counterfeit in one way or another. Former online guru Steven Bancarz barely escaped the New Age deception that is quietly invading America. “Our culture is exchanging Truth for a lie”, he says.   Also : What is New Age?

• Strange Fire Conference – What is happening to Christianity?

• The Roots and the Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation

• Derek PRINCEReligious Deception. “I believe that for one person that the devil deceived by atheism, there are thousands in hell whom he deceived by religion”. A most vital message.

• Personal Testimonies – “Swept up in the “Third Wave”, there is a deep sadness in me, a sorrow over wasted years and opportunities. I get angry with myself for having been deluded and so easily led into false doctrines and practices.”

• Testimonies of people who came out of apostate churches.

• Why I left the Word of Faith movement.

• New Age, Kundalini, Yoga, & Astral Projection In The Church.

• Eric BARGER – The Most Dangerous Cult.

• Best POPE Ever leads 1.2 billions Roman Catholics to Hell, because he proclaims a False and fatal Gospel.

NEW AGE CHRISTIANITY corrupting the Church – Hillsong, TobyMac, Bethel Music.

Cast the merchants from your temple. Our world needs good worship music, but not in the way it wants subliminal rock & roll music. Bethel and Hillsong use their music as a hook to bring people into their false theological system. The worship music that makes God happy is when you open your heart to your Heavenly Father and you become a living song, under your shower or while driving your car or doing your daily tasks or household chores – in fact, anywhere any time. This will make you happy too, and it costs you nothing!

The corrupt Music Industry



Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look! Here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not go out there. (Jesus)


Discusses Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Beings

Today, it is extremely important to learn how to recognize the character of God, of his angels, and to know in what ways the spirits of Lucifer, of the demons and the coming Antichrist, differ. The best way to gain that knowledge is by getting to know God personally and by studying what his word says. Then it will be easy for us to spot the fake.

Don't believe everything the “sweet Holy Spirit” tells you

One of the most effective ways the devil has devised to ruin the lives of Christians is in imitating the leading of God, in words, thoughts, or in our dreams. This is a fundamental point of the Christian life, but is often overlooked. To get to know the Word is vital, for God will NEVER tell us something that goes against his principles.


Costi HINN
The Protestant Reformation vs. The New Apostolic Reformation

“Scriptura Sola” was the motive of the Reformation. But today's protestantism is threatened by a so called “New Apostolic Reformation”, which has divorced itself from this original statement to declare that there are now new apostles, who are coming with new revelations and new rules for a new era. This fresh twist of an old heresy is a very reckless move and it puts many Christians, especially young inexperimented ones, in jeopardy.


FROM BABYLON TO AMERICA – World History in Bible Prophecy.

Sometimes, there is a reluctance to relay information because of some disagreement with those who provide it. Paul had a deep friendship with Christians from Galatia, and he saluted their quest for truth. He nevertheless held the mirror to them. “If righteousness comes through keeping the Law, then the suffering and death of Christ would have had no purpose.” In Hebrews 4, Paul also redefines the true meaning of “entering God's rest”. That being said, the study that I link here is so masterful and it answers so many important questions that I can only recommend it, if you take it with a grain of salt !


“Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the heavens, though the nations are terrified by them. For the practices of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter. Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried because they cannot walk. Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good.” Jeremiah 10.




MOre biblical insight

(Some teachings probably need to be taken with a grain of salt)


John BEVERE – Don't strive to be someone else, but what God has asked you to do: Do it ! Not everyone is called to be a minister. If you want to be a minister, you might endup playing church. God asks you to sow where he has placed you. There will be rewards in due time and there will be a judgement. However, do not seek rewards, but rather keep ploughing and sowing.

• John BEVERE – You cannot build People and even less a Church, without a Perspective on Eternity.

• Andrea Di MIGLIO – The key to demonstrating the life of Jesus is growing in what you already have.

• Jonathan CAHN – The Oracle

• Jonathan CAHN – The Mystery of what lies Ahead – 2019.

Jonathan CAHN – Did you know that you were made for a Love story ?


• Mike SHREVE – I was won from the New Age and Yoga, to Jesus, through Love.

• Lisa BEVERE – Lioness Arising.

• John BEVERE – Killing Kryptonite.

• John BEVEREHidden Power of Humility.

Dan SNEEDLessons From A Rosebush. Dan was a young man when he prophesied great things over me. But I must admit that I never reached that place, mostly because I did not make my priority of what he is talking about in this lesson.

• Dan SNEEDThe Value of One.

• Dan SNEEDThe Power of a New Identity. It’s in Christ that we find out who we are, and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone. Eph 1:11.

• Campbell Mc ALPINE – Kindergarten Doctrines.

• Jamie GALLOWAY – Eyes To See. “God has given us a set of eyes to see, but we are trained to be sceptical. Start acknowledging what God is showing you, and wonder.”

John Paul JACKSONDREAMS & MYSTERIES.   A remarkable series on understanding dreams and other mysteries, by late John Paul Jackson. Do we understand our dreams? To know that we are personally known of God is a life changing observation. It changed mine many years ago.

• John Paul JACKSON – 10 Giants in our Lives.

• John Paul JACKSON – Prophetic Warnings to America and to the World.

• John Paul JACKSON – On Joni Table Talk : Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit.

• John Paul JACKSON – On Joni Table Talk : Unmasking the Absalom Spirit.

• John Paul JACKSON – 10 Giants in our Lives.

• John Paul JACKSON – Understanding the realm of our warfare is essential to our safety. We are called to tear down strongholds in people's life and on earth, but battles against principalities in heaven are beyond our reach and must remain God's. Daniel prayed and fasted, but it is the Angels that took over the warfare in the sky.


• Robert MORRIS – From Dream to Destiny : How God prepares the Joseph's of this Age.

• Robert MORRIS – Could the spirit that drives my so called best friends be my worst enemy?

• James GOLL – Understanding who the Spirit of Jezebel is, how it attacks us, and how we can defeat it.

• Henry GRUVER – North Korea and the threat of EMP, or why and how we should pray for our leaders. Message given on April 6 2018, by a man who spent 6 hours in heaven.

• Perry STONE – Hosts Jonathan Cahn and Joel Richardson. Must watch – prophetic events update.

• Perry STONE – The Coming Of Christ – What Are The Signs To Look For.

• Lisa GWINN – When a satanic high priestess faces the King of Kings.

• END TIMES Prophetic Conference 2016 – Sydney Australia. «Blessed be the meek for they will inherit the Earth». «But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfect harmony».

• LANCASTER Prophetic Conference 2016 – «The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding banquet for his son». A most inspired set of teachings to prepare the bride for the wedding.

• Clayton JENNINGS – Jesus and Peter.

Ken PETERS – I Saw The Tribulation.

Ken Peters received a dream over 30 years ago. His dream gives clear direction and revelation of end-time world events, including the tribulation.
For instance, Isaiah predicted that Jesus would “have no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him”–that's for his first appearance. Well, the man of sin will be exactly the opposite : irresistible! Hear also what Ken saw, of what we thought should be the rapture.

• Bruce ALLEN with Sid ROTH – Move in the Supernatural Dimension of the Seventh Day.

• Bruce ALLEN with Sid ROTH – Supernatural Translocation and more … but for everyone!

• Bruce ALLEN – a Glimpse into The School of Translation

• Bruce ALLEN – The Season of Completion.

• Bruce ALLEN – The Jubilee of His Return.

• Bruce ALLEN – Releasing the Glory.

• Bruce ALLEN – The Third and the Seventh Day.

• Bruce ALLEN – How to know GOD Face to Face.

• Bruce ALLEN – Feast of Tabernacles : Move out of your role and step into the Character of Jesus.

Derek PRINCE – An End Times Life Saver.

“And they have conquered him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11). Teaching on how To Apply The Blood in the end time conflict. We overcome, when we testify personally of what the Word of God says the blood of Jesus does for us.

• Derek PRINCE – Invisible Barriers to Healing.

• Derek PRINCE – When You Fast (not if).

• Derek PRINCEReligious Deception. “I believe that for one person that the devil deceived by atheism, there are thousands in hell whom he deceived by religion”. A most vital message.

Neville JOHNSON – The Man who could see Beyond what Eyes see.

I only spent a year and a half altogether down under, but I feel sometimes like an Aussie expat. For several reasons, my soul is tied forever to these islands. At the start of my Christian walk, a Tasmanian former salvation army officer–Tony Fitzgerald–allowed me to be healed by Jesus from a back injury, and that caught my whole attention on Jesus. Then, two fine New Zealand pastors: Ken Wright and Tom Marshall, put in me some wisdom and freed me from demons of fear (I wished those men were still around…). Lately, I've been enlightened by Neville Jonhson's delightful talks. Neville has rejoined His Lord in September 2019.

• Neville JOHNSON – The four faces of Jesus for the end times.

• Neville JOHNSON – Yom Kippur 2014, a Cut-Off Date in God's time line. Learn now to walk in His Presence and Peace.

• Resurrection of the USA – E-Booklet by Joe Sweet : A WORD OF HOPE from his prophetic dreams. Prospering in the Midst of Chaos and Destruction. “I also dedicate this book to people everywhere who God loves with an everlasting love. It is my hope that the words on these pages will be a warning that will draw the reader closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and prepare each one to prosper and shine in the days that are now upon us”.

• Sid ROTH and Gary KAH – Must watch ! Antichrist Exposed. End Time Antichrist System.

• Walid SHOEBAT – From Terror to Peace.

Walid SHOEBAT – What Muslims should know: The Mystery of Babylon the great!

• The LYN LEAHZ channel – When conspiracy becomes reality.  A genuine love for Jesus and a thorough quest for truth.

Sadhu Sundar SELVARAJ – Prophetic Word for Australia (and beyond).

I wished that we could elude some aspects of our confrontation with the world's reality. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is undoubtedly a Saint and a Prophet.

• Sadhu Sundar SELVARAJ – Only True Living God.

• Joe SWEET and Sadhu Sundar SELVARAJ – The Destiny of USA.

• Sadhu Sundar SELVARAJ – Don't bring your shopping list to the Lord, rather bring yourself and then He shall give you for your heart's needs and desires.

• Hank KUNNEMAN – Promote the good ! The Time is to harvest, for there is a future for those who fear the Lord.

• Hank KUNNEMAN – The wind of God in your mouth.

• David WILKERSON – In one hour, everything is going to change.

• Oral ROBERTS – Five things God has shown me will shortly come to pass.

Objects Never To Bring Home.

Artefacts carry spiritual power and are a common cause for bondage, strife and sickness. This video shows some extremes, but especially Christians, should have the wisdom and the sensitivity to get rid of anything that is not truly for the glory of the living God, and this includes also very common religious artefacts.




What is “a man after God's own Heart” ?

No man is right before God. But some men have a heart after God, and that means that when the wind of the righteousness of God blows, they lean into the wind and they don't stand against it. King David for instance wasn't to be the Messiah of Israel. Nevertheless, God saw in this courageous young man, his servant who would dedicate himself to pursuing the truth for the good of his people, and who would stand against a trend for bringing back Baal worship to the country – today we would say : “to lobby the White House through New Age advisers with the aim of questioning the legitimacy of deep seated religious beliefs, in order to change the laws”. David was a mere mortal and he committed some shameful acts. What if the leader of a country would send a valuable general to the butchery, in order to get his wife? This is what David did. But when the prophet Nathan confronted him, he humbled himself, stood up again having learned from his mistakes, and God did not impeach him. Through his battles, he set Israel free from its enemies from within and out, and restored the land in it's role of a respected leading nation. King Solomon surfed on the prosperity and peace his father had brought back to Israel by travailing on his knees.

Donald Trump is not King David, but many seers consider him as the new Jehu, the guy by whom God fulfilled the word given by the prophet Elijah about the end of the corrupt satanic government of Queen Jezebel and the king Ahab.

• Donald TRUMP interview 1980 – “America has a great potential, but unfortunately the most capable people are afraid of politics and are not running for office”.

• Kim CLEMENT – Trump Prophecies. Amazingly accurate today.

Kim Clement might have been controversial as a person and due to his link with the NAR. But this prophecy, given for parts in 2014 and in 2007, is stunning.

• Donald TRUMP – “Politicians are all talk–no action”. Do you remember Father Pierre-René Monnier's fable?  It was about a rough, barking but loyal dog, and a sweet-eyed flattering and treacherous pussy-cat…


An understanding of today's political course pulled from an ancient paradigm. Discover how recent American Presidents fit in it.

• Jonathan CAHN
– Stunning Revelation of President Trump, in the Bible!

• Sadhu Sundar SELVARAJ – President Trump Prayer Bulletin from Bro Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Nov 18-2018.

• The Road to a much Better Tomorrow. 2019





Jesus The Film, complete HD (English)

Film – The Gospel of John (Multilingual)

This is a movie performed by talented actors. The narration is however faithful to the Gospel of John. Available in many languages.

Search and read the Bible in any language, and much more.

Listen to the Bible, also in English.



The Fear Of The Lord.   The Key To Knowing God more Intimately

Would you like to feel God's feelings and receive his vision of the world? Do you want his Holy Spirit to inspire your life, your deeds, your words? John Bevere gives us in this essential book the key that opened him the heart to God. “To fear the Lord is to hate evil” says wisdom.

Healing Miracles for Your Family

Jesus wants your family members to be healed. In this book, Missionary-evangelist Art Thomas teaches you how to overcome the unique difficulties of ministering healing to your family and gives practical solutions for helping your loved one pursue and experience a healing miracle.

Gazing Into Glory Study Guide

This study guide is designed for Christians of any background. Its purpose is to encourage us to reach a greater level of spirituality and help us apply the principles of Gazing into Glory, moving from logos head knowledge to rhema heart experience. Bruce Allen emphasizes that to “gaze into glory” is not just for a select few, but for every child of God. He provides clear instruction on how to “get there.”

Moving Supernaturally for the Purposes of God

Translation by Faith…Just the phrase alone stirs up images of God doing the most extraordinary things through His people! Imagine servants of God moving supernaturally across time, the Earth and the Heavens for the purposes of God. The Bible indicates that Enoch, Elijah, Philip and John as well as many others have allowed God to use them in this way to have divine appointments and accomplish His plan ! In these last days, God is moving people all over the Earth supernaturally for the cause of the Gospel…

They Thought for Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews

What is the connection among those people? How did they end up in the same book? Atheist - Holocaust Survivor - Concert Pianist - Media Executive - Ph.D. : They all defied the status quo and thought for themselves. They dared to explore and confront the forbidden. The result? Everything in their lives changed for the better ! Author Sid Roth was instructed in a dream to find and interview people who had broken through the mould of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny.
• The “They Thought for Themselves” Website





• Samira – Van Islam naar Jezus

Goddelijke genezing (DHT) - Curry Blake - Nederlandse ondertiteling.


The Last ReformationTHE MOVIES

God, in our days, is bringing back the simple truth of the Gospels and the Book of Acts, that is: Go in the whole world and share the good news. What is the good news? God is with us and he proves it by healing the sick, kicking out demons and bringing the souls into intimacy with Him. This reality has the power to set us free from unbelief and to walk in a new lifestyle of faith daily.


The root of all problems.

June 2000 Interview with Derek Prince (1915-2003). Dutch subtitles.





• HEALING MINISTRIES – Boża wizja mojego życia, Curry Blake, uzdrowienie i więcej.

• Curry BLAKE – Siedem kluczy do Twojego cudu.

• JEZUS – Cały film Polski lektor

• TLR – Miracles in Poland.


The Last Reformation Movie – auf Deutsch

• TLR – Playlist auf Deutsch

• TLR courses – auf Deutsch

• Arthur BURK – Gottes Sinn für Nationen

• Curry BLAKE – In einem Marathon, das Tragen der geeignete Schuhe ist wichtig wenn Sie die Ziellinie überqueren möchten. Warum haben unsere Gebete kein Ergebnis? Warum sind die Menschen nicht geheilt wenn wir beten? Der einfache Grund ist, dass wir nicht überzeugt sind, dass Gott will, und dass er immer heilen will, und wir bezweifeln noch mehr dass er will es tun durch unseren einfachen Glauben. Curry Blakes Lehre enthüllt einige der vorgefassten Ideen oder theologischen “heiligen Kühe", die den Glauben daran hindern, zu handeln, und weist auch auf die biblischen Schlüssel hin, die es uns ermöglichen, ein Ergebnis zu erzielen. Ausgehend von dem neutestamentlichen Prinzip dass Jesu Geist ist die Heilung, und seine Wille ist immer den Menschen zu heilen, der Christ muss diesen Willen auf die Krankheit mit Glauben und Hartnäckigkeit auferlegen. Eine Theorie, die durch die außerordentlichen Ergebnisse bestätigt wird, dass ihre Anwendung es ermöglicht, zu erhalten.

• Curry BLAKE– D.E.N.K.-Seminar in Bramsche mit Curry Blake - Mai 2017

• Bruce D. ALLEN – Generation seiner Herrlichkeit. Audio Mp3

• Bruce D. ALLEN – Supernatural Translokation, Sitzungen 1 & Sitzungen 2.

• Die letzte Reformation – Warnung vor falschen Geistern, die sich in die Kirche einschleichen.




• Kingdom of God in Italy – This is for Everyone!


Coronavirus: conosci i tuoi diritti.

Il pastore Curry Blake racconta il caso del predicatore J.G. Lakes, un famoso guaritore che all'inizio del secolo scorso si è offerto volontario con la sua squadra per evacuare i morti da un'epidemia che sta devastando il Sudafrica. Stupiti, i medici hanno scoperto che i campioni di fluidi infetti che venivano a contatto con la loro pelle erano stati neutralizzati. Gesù non aveva paura di toccare i lebbrosi. Ma la lebbra aveva motivo di avere paura. Da dove viene questo strano potere? In Romani 8, Paolo afferma che la legge dello Spirito che ci dà la vita in unione con Gesù Cristo ci ha liberati dalla legge del peccato e della morte. Ora questo dominio dello Spirito viene esercitato sulla malattia e sulla morte.

• Curry BLAKE – Alla domanda "Quando hai iniziato a vedere una svolta nella guarigione?" Curry Blake, supervisore di John G. Lake Ministries, ha risposto: "Quando ho deciso non che avrei rinunciato prima di ottenere quello che ho chiesto. " Dopo aver perso la figlia maggiore, Curry si è impegnato con Dio. Quindi quando la sua seconda figlia morì tragicamente in un incidente, era pronto a riportarla in vita. Perché le persone non sono guarite quando preghiamo per loro? Perché le nostre preghiere non hanno successo? Il motivo è semplice: ci comportiamo come esseri emotivi e non siamo più basati sulla verità biblica. Il nemico cercherà sempre di allontanarci da ciò che conta davvero. La parabola del terreno si riduce a due atteggiamenti: lasciati distrarre dalla vita e dalle circostanze o concentrati sull'essenziale. Partendo dal principio del Nuovo Testamento secondo cui lo Spirito di Gesù porta in sé la guarigione e che la volontà di Dio è di salvare l'uomo - corpo, anima e spirito -, il cristiano deve imporre questa volontà alla malattia e è morto con fede e testardaggine. Una teoria confermata dai notevoli risultati che la sua implementazione rende possibile ottenere.




• Art THOMAS – Dios desea sanarte, Recibe tu Sanidad!!!


Coronavirus : Conoce tus derechos

El pastor Curry Blake relata el caso del predicador J.G. Lakes, un famoso sanador que a principios del siglo pasado se ofreció como voluntario con su equipo para evacuar a los muertos de una epidemia que asolaba Sudáfrica. Atónitos, los médicos descubrieron que las muestras de fluidos infectados que entraron en contacto con su piel fueron neutralizadas. Jesús no tuvo miedo de tocar a los leprosos. Pero la lepra tenía motivos para tener miedo. ¿De dónde vino este extraño poder? En Romanos 8, Pablo dice que la ley del Espíritu que nos da vida en unión con Jesucristo nos libera de la ley del pecado y la muerte. Ahora esta dominación del Espíritu se ejerce sobre la enfermedad y la muerte.


• Curry BLAKE – Cuando se le preguntó: "¿Cuándo comenzó a ver un avance en la curación?" Curry Blake, supervisor de John G. Lake Ministries, respondió: "Cuando decidí que no iba a parar hasta obtener lo que pedí". Después de perder a su hija mayor, Curry se comprometió con Dios. Entonces, cuando su segunda hija murió trágicamente en un accidente, él estaba listo para devolverla a la vida. ¿Por qué la gente no sana cuando rezamos por ellos? ¿Por qué nuestras oraciones no tienen éxito? La razón es simple: nos comportamos como seres emocionales y ya no estamos basados ​​en la verdad bíblica. El enemigo siempre intentará alejarnos de lo que realmente importa. La parábola del campo se reduce a dos actitudes: déjese distraer por la vida y las circunstancias, o concéntrese en lo esencial. Partiendo del principio del Nuevo Testamento según el cual el Espíritu de Jesús lleva la curación en él y que la voluntad de Dios es salvar al hombre (cuerpo, alma y espíritu), el cristiano debe imponer esta voluntad sobre la enfermedad y la muerta con fe y terquedad. Una teoría confirmada por los notables resultados que su implementación permite obtener.


• Curry BLAKE – Formación de Técnicos en Divina Curación con traducción al Español.





Coronavírus: conheça seus direitos

Pastor Curry Blake relata o caso do pregador J.G. Lakes, um curandeiro famoso que, no início do século passado, se ofereceu com sua equipe para evacuar os mortos de uma epidemia que devastou a África do Sul. Atordoados, os médicos descobriram que as amostras de fluidos infectados que entraram em contato com a pele foram neutralizadas. Jesus não teve medo de tocar nos leprosos. Mas a hanseníase tinha motivos para ter medo. De onde veio esse estranho poder? Em Romanos 8, Paulo diz que a lei do Espírito que nos dá vida em união com Jesus Cristo nos liberta da lei do pecado e da morte. Agora, essa dominação do Espírito é exercida sobre doenças e morte.

• Curry BLAKE – Quando perguntado: "Quando você começou a ver um avanço na cura?", Curry Blake, supervisor dos Ministérios John G. Lake, respondeu: "Quando decidi que iria desistir antes de receber o que pedi". Depois de perder sua filha mais velha, Curry se comprometeu com Deus. Então, quando sua segunda filha morreu tragicamente em um acidente, ele estava pronto para trazê-la de volta à vida. Por que as pessoas não são curadas quando oramos por elas? Por que nossas orações não são bem-sucedidas? A razão é simples: nos comportamos como seres emocionais e não somos mais baseados na verdade bíblica. O inimigo sempre tentará nos afastar do que realmente importa. A parábola do terreno se resume a duas atitudes: deixe-se distrair pela vida e pelas circunstâncias ou concentre-se no essencial. Partindo do princípio do Novo Testamento de que o Espírito de Jesus carrega cura dentro dele e que a vontade de Deus é salvar o homem - corpo, alma e espírito -, o cristão deve impor essa vontade à doença e morreu com fé e teimosia. Uma teoria confirmada pelos notáveis ​​resultados que sua implementação possibilita obter.

• Curry BLAKE – Criado para Domínio, Parte 1 - Divine Healing Technician Training with Portuguese translation.

• John BEVERE – Liberado do Pecado

• John BEVERE – Bom ou Deus?



Carlos Catari ex homosexual Testimonio Español

La razón por la que muchos cristianos jóvenes encuentran sus vidas deplorables es porque aceptaron a Jesús como Salvador, pero no como Señor.

Pensamientos morbosos: Qué hacer – Carlos Catari

Espero les sea de bendición, porque sé que este tema de los pensamientos morbosos es muy presente en muchas personas.





He who is the faithful witness to all these things says, “Yes, I am coming promptly!”
Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!
(Revelation 22:20)

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