My path in a few words…

For as long as I could stand on my feet, I have felt attracted by the beauty of nature, and by thewildlife. I was lucky to grow up in a kind of island clinging to the shores of Lake Geneva, this lake set like a jewel between the Alps and the Jura. Lulled by our mother's readings from books such as the narratives of nauralist Gerald Durrell, and soon by my own reading of adventure stories, I was watching the comings and goings of water birds, anticipating my own explorations of a fabulous world, which obviously was waiting for me beyond the mountains that formed my horizon. ... This place where I grew up resembled perhaps too much a forgotten patch of paradise to let me get away unscathed. Photographing soon became a way of freezing some of that elusive grace which faints as soon as it is born, with the hope of finding in it some clues about my own identity, still torn between the wishful thinking of some and my unexpressed desires.

The world is an enigma ... Some trips undertaken here and there have only increased my thirst for discovery, but certainly also my perplexity.

Nature can be fascinating, and the world is a quarry, which at the time seemed inexhaustible. But to be able to make one's place in this world is another story, and that's when we are faced with a problem of a different kind. The Bible teaches us that we are sheltering an “old man”, a man drawn from the dust of this earth, who proves to be of a disconcerting nature. This man, – let's call him “son of Cain”, is the sum of centuries of a "freelance" humanity. Humanity broke relationships with the Father long ago and went her own course made of struggles and hazards. Some get along well with this old man and manage to civilize him, and even bring him to church.

I grew up in a traditional Christian home. At the time - in the sixties -, the trend was to question everything. That's how books on Darwinism and astrology, and others presenting Eastern philosophies, could coexist on the living room table. The large Catholic Bible was watching from the shelf she never left. Unconvinced by my parent's
traditional religion and finding that it did not hurt worse if I dumped its Sunday assignments, I soon relegated the question of the existence of God to oblivion, to pay attention to things more concrete, things such as wildlife and nature in general, and what young people are after. The Bible says about Nature that it is an open book. Still, it is necessary to know how to decipher it. But at the time, the evolutionary explanation suited me and I considered myself a proud product of this evolution. But as I entered adult life, a few disappointments about my integration skills reminded me of this crucial question: "Who am I?" After long procrastinating, making sure no one would see me, I eventually took the big Bible from the shelf, and for the first time, read the Gospels, and the Acts of the Apostles, or as some would call it: "The Acts of the Spirit of Jesus through ordinary people ". Something shattering that I dared not tell anyone was happening to me when I read the words of Jesus. And then, one day came an invitation to go to a meeting. There, without me asking anything to anyone, I was miraculously healed of a back injury that had ruined my life for over a year and had taken me off my dream of travels and photography at the other end of the world. God had challenged me through words, and now he confirmed the veracity of his word by this act of pure free love ...

I must confess that the years that followed were not very glorious, probably in the image of a Christianity that does everything to blend into the world landscape instead of sacrificing itself to Him whom she calls her Lord and Master in order to raise the world. This is why the old religious man continues to dominate and the new man can not be born. But in Acts 3, God promises times of refreshment, when He sends His Messiah, first by pouring out his Spirit on all men. Then will come the apotheosis, when his feet will land on the hill of Jerusalem. In Revelation 21: 5, Jesus tells us the color of His program: “Behold, I do all things new”.   Nothing less! Can we imagine
that the upheavals that take place on the earth, which are certainly likely to frighten us at one point, are actually the forerunners of its restoration, because they must precede the Advent of Messiah' reign of love and the establishment of an unshakeable peace? This universal perspective is far more exciting than that of a world government and its imposed religion, or of the programmed end of the world, and I would like to encourage everyone to take an interest in it. The link below offers resources, some of which I think will be valuable.

The most amazing adventure on Earth?

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“Without homily and without speech but through the ephemeral beauty, nature bears wittness to an existing invisible reality. Nature expresses the creative breath of a universe where every intake brings life, and where every exhalation is a reminder of a primeval dust. For it should be reminded that, if it offers some wonderful sights, life is first and foremost a constant miracle”.